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At MBIA, students are exposed to a variety of educational experiences that enables them to have a deeper understanding of core Islamic principles and helps in building a strong foundation for success both in this world and the Hereafter. Developing the Muslim identity is our goal.

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School day at a glance

Our day starts at 10:45 am with a morning assembly. Students and teachers line up in the gym area for 10-minutes prior to the beginning of classes. During that time, students get to recite a few morning supplications as a group. This is followed by a short talk by the principal, highlighting a new virtue every week that helps students identify themselves as Proud Muslims. Any news for the day is also shared during that time.

After that, the day is divided into four 30-minutes classroom teaching sessions focusing on topics related to creed (Akeedah), Islamic history (Seerah), character & identity (Akhlaaq), and contemplation (Tafakkor), based on our curriculum.

In between the second and third classes is a 30-minute recess for lunch and play time.

Finally, our day ends at 1:55 pm where all students head to the prayer hall to perform Dhuhr prayer in congregation. They are then dismissed to their parents to home.

School curriculum

Boy Writing on a Blackboard

Arabic classes

Arabic classes are currently held at MBIA premises, however under a different administration. For inquiries, please contact Souad Gourma at or +1(269)808-3136 for more information.

Quran classes

Quran memorization and interpretation

Not offered this year.

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