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Mind Builders Islamic Academy, previously known as Kalamazoo Islamic School (KIS), was originally established in 1974. It started as a Sunday school located within Kalamazoo Islamic Center (KIC) to meet the need for Islamic education for the children of Muslim families living in and around the Greater Kalamazoo area. At inception, KIS primarily served to provide education to Muslim students at Western Michigan University and gradually expanded to encompass students of various age-groups that live within Kalamazoo County, averaging approximately 120 students enrolled per year. As the number of students grew in size, school expansion became necessary. In 2015, and through multiple efforts and generous donations of the Islamic community, a new headquarters for KIS became available after the purchase of a 30,000 square foot facility on a 10-acre property at 805 Osterhout Ave in Portage, MI. KIS continued its educational activities during Sundays at its new headquarters allowing for further growth and expansion of the school. In 2022, KIS underwent a renovation process and was rebranded to Mind builders Islamic Academy (MBIA).

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Our Mission

To offer our youth a nurturing environment that enables them to better understand core Islamic values and principles, be proud Muslims, and transform into strong leaders and reformers of their community


Our Vision

To be the go-to hub for building the Islamic identity. We aspire to create a generation of Muslims that are unique and discrete in qualities, and bearers of the highest of standards

Our Values

Integrity, Respect, Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Compassion

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MBIA Advisory Board
  • Kawther Mohammed, Principal

  • Ayat Rizeq, Teacher

  • Rashida Gharib, Teacher, long-term community member

  • Batoul Alkharsaa: Teacher, community member

  • Saima Siddiqui, Community Member 

  • Soad Ghourma, long-term Community Member 

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School Coordinator

Eman Mohamed

Our Teachers

Pre-k            Maham Khanum

KG                 Nada Alakhras, Batoul Alkharssa

Grade 1         Aisha Rashid, Victoria Demuth

Grade 2        Fatima Mahfouz

Grade 3        Iman Siddiqui, Ayat Rizeq

Grade 4        Alaa Othman, Adam Coe

Grade 5        Aisha Brock

Grade 6        Ayat Rizeq, Rashida Al-Gharib

Grade 7        Deena Warsi, Faisal Alam

Grade 8        Kawther Mohammed

Seniors         Maryam Khan, Karim Elghawy


Our Teacher Assistants

Farida Yasmin

Nour Yousef

Bassem Warsi





Kitchen Supervisor

Sadia Mahmoud

Maintenance/IT Engineer

Faisal Mahmoud

Saftey Officer

Syed Hasan

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